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Officially, the steel pact required Germany and Italy to help the other country militarily, economically or otherwise in the event of war and to participate in war production. [7] The pact was intended to ensure that neither country was able to make peace without the agreement of the other. [8] The agreement was based on the assumption that a war would not take place within three years. [8] When Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939 and war broke out on 3 September, Italy was not yet prepared for conflict and was struggling to honour its commitments. [9] This is why Italy did not enter World War II until June 1940, with a delayed invasion of southern France. [10] IG Metall`s agreements in the pilot region of Baden-Wuerttemberg, an industrial and automotive hub between Daimler and Bosch, have traditionally served as a model for agreements throughout the country. [5] The collective agreement provides that companies that are forced to deviate from these options will deviate. If a company is experiencing serious economic difficulties to the extent that its level of employment is affected, it is not required to comply with these clauses for apprentices. The same applies when there are personal reasons for continuing to employ an apprentice. In the first case, the Works Council must approve the delay, in the second case, only management must give its consent. In 2019, video game distributor GameStop signed a status quo agreement with a group of investors who wanted changes in corporate governance, believing that the company had intrinsic value when the share price reflected. The most recent agreement allows unrestricted secondment of temporary workers in each company for 18 months.

At the end of this period, the company will have to consider whether the temporary worker concerned can obtain an indeterminate employment contract. While the use of temporary workers may be limited by an enterprise contract, for example, other flexibility measures may be introduced, such as .B extension of the weekly working hours to 40 hours for a small proportion of workers. In the German metallurgical and electricity industries, a wage agreement was reached in the early hours of Tuesday. In addition to the pilot contract for the metallurgical and electrical industry in south-west Germany, employers and IG Metall have also negotiated a collective agreement for temporary workers throughout the German electrical and metallurgical industry.